The BunduBox is a storage solution to accompany the BunduTop.

Also boasting full aluminium construction, it is lightweight, easy to mount and compliments the BunduTop for a consistent style.

It can be utilised as additional storage and has many innovative applications.


600mm x 300mm x 1350mm

Approximate weight:

+/- 10kg


The BunduBox comes in 2 options:

  • The one option is entirely manual.
  • The second option includes 2 gas struts which will lift the lid.


  • 240L capacity
  • Streamlined and suits the look of your BunduTop
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Dust & waterproof


  • Situated on the roof which may be hard to access
How do I install the BunduBox?

When installing the BunduBox, we advise that there is no unsupported overhang.

We also advise that the roof rack or load bars should be no less than 1.27m wide.

  • Place box on Roofrack / Load bars
  • Check rear hatch clearance / Roof mounted antenna clearance
  • The box can be bolted on with a minimum of 4, preferably 6 bolts
  • Tighten firmly
  • Make sure loads are evenly distributed
  • Do not exceed the prescribed load of 60kg
  • For cleaning, use water only with a mild detergent which contains no additives
    Lubricate your latches periodically
    Box and fittings should be inspected periodically for damage