Introducing the BunduTrail

Camping has never been this easy.

Local Selling Price: From R254,000 (Base Model)

Fully Outfitted Model: From R299 000

Introducing the BunduTRAIL

Camping is now easier than ever with our new BunduTrail.  Setup camp in under 5 minutes.

Features below are on the South African Spec BunduTrail:

  • Lightweight for easy towing
  • Weight class model available: GVM 1.1T.
  • Braked axle 
  • Two Suspension options: Spring (dirt road offroad suspension) | Air (extreme offroad suspension)
  • Built-in Electrically operated Roof Top Tent
  • Spare wheel carrier at the back

What do you get?

  • Electrically operated tent
  • 360 BunduAwn
  • 2x LED Lights fitted to awning arms
  • 1x Added Room Roof
  • 1x BunduSuite privacy cubicle
  • 1x LED in BunduSuite privacy cubicle
  • Bed Size: 2000 x 1250 mm
  • 1x Dual zone fridge/freezer (optional)
  • 3 x 16″ wheels
  • 2x LED Lights, 4x Fans, 1x Water tank (70L)
  • Solar Panel

Fully Equipped Kitchen (excluded on base model)

  • 6x Coffee mugs, 6x Wine glasses
  • 6x Milkshake glasses
  • 6x Forks, 6 knifes
  • 6x Teaspoons, 6x tablespoons, 4x steak knives
  • 6x Dinner plates, 6x Cereal Bowls
  • 1x Kettle
  • 4x Clear containers for coffee, tea and sugar
  • 1x Frying pan
  • 2x Pots
  • 4x Oil/Sauce bottles
  • 1x Grater
  • 1x Various serving utensils
  • 1x Various spices
  • 1x 2-plate gas stove
  • 1x Braai tongs

Electronics (excluded on base model)

  • 1x Lithium Battery Deep cycle battery (105AH)
  • 1x 1 Time DC/DC 25A Charger
  • 1x 220V- Modified sine wave inverter
  • 1x External 220V plug
  • 1x 12.5L/Min water pump
  • 1x External 220V input plug socket & 10m extension
  • 1x 220 – 12V Battery charger
  • 3x USB ports (2 inside nose cone & 1 inside the tent)
  • 4x Hella point accessible from outside

Gas Appliances (excluded on base model)

  • 2x 3KG gas bottle
  • 1x Regulator
  • 1x Gas geyser


Additional Extras

  • Trailer cover
  • Suite floor 
  • Awning side panels

Export Spec BunduTrail:

From $15,995 (Ex-Works)

This excludes shipping and import duties, and no after sales support if not purchased through your local importer/distributor.

  • Trailer body panel modified to accommodate up to 37” tires
  • Air suspension
  • Electronic and gas regulations as per specified destination country’s regulations
  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Modified A-frame that folds away to accommodate optimal shipping
  • Cradle/Crating/Packaging to ensure safe transit during shipping

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