The awning works with five to six arms which, when open, allows coverage of 2 or 3 sides of your vehicle. The arms work in a triangular force which gives the awning more strength. By covering three sides the triangular structure is complete and gives additional structural support. When each arm is opened, another small arm situated on top of the main arm, pops up and provides additional height to the slope of the roof to give better water drainage and prevents large pockets of water collecting on top of your awning.


The BunduAwn standard sizes are 2.45m (96 inches) and 2.95m (116 inches) , which is the length of the back plate. The back plate is the part of the awning that is mounted against your vehicle.

You can order a custom sized awn of up to 4 m (157 inches)  long.

If you already have a BunduTop installed and want to mount your awning directly to the tent, you will purchase a 2.45m (96 inches) awning.

The BunduAwn features two pivot points and boasts no need for tent poles in its original 360 design. The BunduAwn has a half-meter downward slope for improved water run-off and boasts the largest surface area with the easiest set-up.

The awning weighs about 20kg (44 lbs).

Standard 360

Our standard 360 BunduAwn is available in two sizes – 2.45m and 2.95m – and is our bestseller as it fits most vehicles. It also offers the most shade with its canvas wrapping around three sides of your vehicle. No poles are needed to set up this awning, but guy ropes are included for windy days.

From £1 280.00

L Shape 270

Our L Shape 270 BunduAwn is available in the two sizes – 2.45m and 2.95m – and is perfect for camper trailers, especially those with pull- or foldout beds. This awning wraps around two sides of your vehicle or trailer and one pole is supplied for some stability. Guy ropes are also included to tie down the awning on windy days.

From £1 280.00

L Shape 270 Square Back

Our L Shape 270 Square Back BunduAwn has exactly the same layout as our normal L Shape 270 BunduAwn, but boost an extra square of canvas at the back for some additional shade. Two poles are supplied with this awning for extra stability. Guy ropes are also included to tie down the awning on windy days.

From £1 280.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit the awning myself?


It is not heavy but it is an awkward shape and will need 2 people to handle.

The guy on the video closes it really fast, I can't seem to close my awning that easily?

The guy on the video is very tall. After a few practice runs you should be able to close it just as fast. The trick to closing the BunduAwn is that the arm should go UNDER the canvas.

You will see when he has lined up the arms from one side he lifts the bulk of the canvas over it, and repeats with the other side. This way the arms of the awning are flush with the back plate.

After that it is as simple as FOLDING up the canvas (rather than rolling, which makes it bulky in the bag) and strapping it down firmly before closing the bag.

What is it made from?

The awning is full aluminium construction and a durable Riptech canvas with a reflective surface.

My awning seems flimsy, especially the L-shape?

The awning is manufactured to be flexible. If it seems flimsy, tighten the lead ropes until it is taut.
The arms can overcam slightly to ensure that you can tighten it to tautness

Can it be fitted to my caravan or off road trailer like on the pictures on the website?

It can absolutely be fitted to any vehicle. We do advise that if you have it fitted to either a caravan or off road trailer that you arrange to have their agents do the fitment. This is because the various caravans/trailers have different internal structures.

It will be best to discuss the fitment with them as they are aware where the trailer/caravan has load bearing structural support etc.

I measured my roof rack and I need a size in-between?

The 2.45 and the 2.95 awns cover most vehicle types. You can choose either one to best suit your needs.

The BunduAwn doesn't have supporting poles, can you provide me with some when I place my order?

Since introducing new profiles we have added extendable poles to our products list.

Should you need to order additional tent poles you are welcome to contact us.

Can I add additional patched/loops and D-rings to strengthen my awning?

Adding any additional strengtheners are not necessary. Our products are designed to be lightweight but strong and durable and we offer services and repairs for your product for years to come.

Will the shape of the awning affect my fuel consumption?

If it does it is indiscernible. We have not noticed any increase in fuel consumption over various vehicle types.

My awning bag isn’t closing properly, it is too small.

The awn bag has been designed to be very snug – this reduces the amount of friction on the awn inside and will ensure that it lasts longer.
Do not force the lifter arms into a flat position as this will cause damage in the long run. By using the correct folding method the lifter arms will still protrude a little at the top.
When you close the bag it will fold them down further (but not flat) without causing damage.

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